EHR for Ambulatory Care

The iCare EHR is the best solution for practices, clinics and other ambulatory care settings. iCare helps you deliver high-quality care, improve efficiency, and reduce costs.

Focus on patient care, not software

The iCare EHR is the quick and easy way to manage patient records, billing, scheduling, and clinical workflows. iCare brings the power of the cloud to you. With no servers to buy or software to manage, now you can streamline processes and reduce costs while providing excellent care to your patients.

Affordable and Scalable

The iCare EHR is quick to set up, easy to use, and most importantly, affordable. You can start with a basic iCare system at a very low cost and add features as needed.  iCare grows with your practice as you add more patients and providers.

The Only EHR You’ll Ever Need

For both inpatient and outpatient use, now you can consolidate your operations on one integrated care platform.


Comprehensive patient and resource scheduling.  Reduce no-shows, and optimize your practice’s efficiency for a better patient-experience.

Real-Time Charting:

Instant and simultaneous access to patient records, allowing healthcare providers to update and review critical information promptly.


A reliable electronic prescribing module to enable fast and accurate medication orders, reducing the risk of errors and improving medication management.

Clinical Decision Support

Integrated tools that offer evidence-based guidelines, drug interactions, and alerts to aid in making well-informed and safe decisions.

Mobile Access

User-friendly mobile access for healthcare providers to manage patient information on the go, enhancing responsiveness and flexibility.


Customizable Templates

Tailored documentation templates to suit various acute care specialties, ensuring efficient data entry and reducing time spent on repetitive tasks.


Seamless integration with other providers and healthcare systems to facilitate smooth patient data exchange and care coordination.

Security and Compliance

Robust security measures and compliance with healthcare data regulations, such as HIPAA, to safeguard patient information.

Revenue Cycle Management

Automate revenue cycle processes with streamlined billing, claims management, and collections.

Imaging and Results Integration

Seamless integration of radiology and laboratory results directly into patient records, facilitating quick access and interpretation.

Required Reporting

Tools to generate reports for attestation and other requirements, enabling healthcare organizations to qualify for government incentives.

Patient Portal

Configurable patient portal with communications, self-service scheduling, forms submittal, clinical information, lab results, and more.

iCare’s Interoperability Advantage

The iCare platform sets the standard for comprehensive data exchange, ensuring that vital insights flow effortlessly between departments, specialists, and facilities. iCare’s robust interoperability not only enhances care coordination but also empowers healthcare teams to make informed decisions swiftly, ultimately driving improved patient outcomes. Experience a new era of healthcare collaboration with unmatched interoperability. Elevate your practice, empower your team, and provide the highest standard of care with confidence.

"The iCare EHR is cutting edge yet very easy to use. It was clearly built from the point of view of the practitioner."

– Sole Practitioner

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