Acute Care EHR

The iCare Enterprise Cloud EHR is the most modern platform for efficient and effective healthcare delivery in fast-paced, high-intensity environments. This fully integrated suite is designed to work in harmony to provide healthcare professionals with the necessary tools to deliver high-quality care, make informed decisions promptly, and enhance patient safety within acute care settings.

A Comprehensive and Integrated EHR Platform

iCare is a comprehensive and integrated platform that covers broad aspects of healthcare operations, including patient records, billing, scheduling, and clinical workflows. This streamlines processes and reduces the need for multiple systems, enhancing efficiency.

Unmatched Scalability and Flexibility

Whether you’re managing a small hospital or a large health system, iCare adapts effortlessly to your requirements, ensuring seamless performance during peak demands and easy scalability as your needs change.

The Only EHR You’ll Ever Need

For both inpatient and outpatient use, now you can consolidate your operations on one integrated care platform.

Real-Time Charting:

Instant and simultaneous access to patient records, allowing healthcare providers to update and review critical information promptly.

Clinical Decision Support

Integrated tools that offer evidence-based guidelines, drug interactions, and alerts to aid healthcare professionals in making well-informed and safe decisions.


Seamless integration with other healthcare systems to facilitate smooth data exchange and care coordination.

Mobile Access

User-friendly mobile access for healthcare providers to manage patient information on the go, enhancing responsiveness and flexibility.


Customizable Templates

Tailored documentation templates to suit various acute care specialties, ensuring efficient data entry and reducing time spent on repetitive tasks.


A reliable electronic prescribing module to enable fast and accurate medication orders, reducing the risk of errors and improving medication management.

Clinical Workflow Management

Streamlined workflows designed to support acute care settings, optimizing processes for triage, urgent care, and critical interventions.

Security and Compliance

Robust security measures and compliance with healthcare data regulations, such as HIPAA, to safeguard patient information.

Patient Tracking

Comprehensive patient tracking capabilities to monitor admissions, discharges, transfers, and current location within the healthcare facility.

Required Reporting

Tools to generate reports for attestation and other requirements, enabling healthcare organizations to qualify for government incentives.

Imaging and Results Integration

Seamless integration of radiology and laboratory results directly into patient records, facilitating quick access and interpretation.

Clinical Analytics

Advanced data analytics and reporting features to identify trends, outcomes, and performance metrics, assisting in continuous quality improvement efforts.

Affordable, Easy to Implement, and Always Current

With no upfront costs and low monthly subscription fees, iCare is the most affordable EHR. Implementations can be fast and pain-free, and most importantly, it’s always current.

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