Plan Report ID Number: [For ONC-Authorized Certification Body use only] Developer Name: iCare.com LLC
Product Name(s): iCare EHR
Version Number(s): V 2.0

Certified Health IT Product List (CHPL) ID(s): Developer Real World Testing Page URL: https://icare.com/realworldtesting


The iCare.com EHR is a pure cloud product, therefore our Real World Testing plan includes considerations for our delivery methodology which differs significantly from on-premise (or simply hosted) software. The iCare cloud environment permits us to monitor and test most criteria of our certified technology without the requirement to involve our customers with significant portions of the testing methodologies.

The annual Real World Testing will be performed by iCare.com using metrics from our production environment which serves actual customers using our software to manage the healthcare of real patients. Customers will participate in testing those criteria which require their involvement.

During Real World Testing activities we anticipate that there will be instances where we may find a need to modify our testing methodologies, approaches, or expected outcomes that were originally laid out in our plans to address unexpected changes during the testing period. In such instances, we will adjust our Real World Testing approaches and our results report will include a description of these types of changes, the reasons for them, and how intended outcomes were more efficiently met as a result. Please note that the Real World Testing Plan referenced in the CMS CHPL may not reflect the currently implemented plan.

The following list is a summary of the Real World Testing Approach.

  1. The live production environment will be used for Real World Testing.
  2. Customers will use the system as usual and customer involvement will be limited to thoseareas where it is necessary.
  3. Data will be recorded quarterly. We can also use the EHR Measure Report (g1 g2) to generatedata.
  4. The received CCDA will be validated, incorporated and reconciled and the measure report willbe reviewed.
  5. The Data Export functionality will be tested periodically as required.
  6. Logs will be analyzed to measure successful messages sent for Syndromic Surveillance.
  7. ELR – Check for data sent from the production environment.
  8. e-Prescribe – the production system connection to Surescripts will be monitored and thee-prescribe measure report will be generated.
  9. CQM – CMS 72, CMS 105, CMS 108 and CMS 111 will be tested in the live productionenvironment.



This Real World Testing Plan includes at least one measurement/metric that addresses each applicable certification criterion in the iCare.com EHR’s scope of certification. The method for measuring how the approach(es) chosen meet the intent and purpose of Real World Testing are considered f