Revenue Cycle Management

Optimize your revenue stream with Revenue Cycle Management solutions from iCare..

Improve Financial Health

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, financial stability is paramount. Our Cloud-Based Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Software is engineered to empower your practice with unrivaled financial clarity. Say goodbye to manual billing hassles and embrace a seamless revenue cycle. From claims submission to payment reconciliation, our intuitive platform automates every step, ensuring a robust and healthy financial foundation for your organization.

Unmatched Efficiency and Accuracy

Discover a new era of operational efficiency with our cutting-edge cloud solution. Enjoy precise coding, swift claims processing, and accelerated reimbursements. With real-time analytics and reporting, you’ll have your finger on the pulse of your financial performance. Experience the freedom to focus on patient care while our software takes care of the revenue side of your operation.

All the Features you Expect for Great RCM

Precision billing, compliance assurance, and seamless administrative workflows for optimized financial performance.

Automated Coding

iCare integrates the coding process into the workflow automatically behind the scenes so final coding is streamlined and billing is more efficient.

Contract Management

Manage contractual rates to monitor payments and maximize reimbursement from payers to improve cashflow and reduce unneccesary loses.

Auto Claim Submission

Automated claims submission process with advanced claim scrubbing capability to reduce errors, improve accuracy, and speed reimbursement.

Denial Management

Identify and resolve denied claims quickly and efficiently and reduce unintended revenue leakage with robust  automated processes.

Payment Posting

Automate payment posting to improve cash flow and reduce administrative burden.

Reporting and Analytics

Reports and insights help track performance and identify areas for improvement. Dashboards show real time data for analysis and monitoring.


Scale infinitely and seamlessly from single user billing to a large centralized billing department.


Safeguard patient data with industry-leading security features and role based user permissions and access.


Ensure compliance with HIPAA and other healthcare regulations.

Fortified Compliance and Security

Trust in a solution that prioritizes compliance and safeguards your sensitive data. Our Cloud-Based RCM System is designed with industry-leading security measures to protect patient information. Fully compliant with HIPAA regulations, you can confidently manage your finances knowing that data privacy is our top priority. Embrace a future where compliance and efficiency coexist seamlessly, setting the standard for secure healthcare revenue management.

"iCare helped us streamline coding and billing, reduce revenue leakage, and improve cashflow."

– Hospital CFO

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