iCare is first partner to utilize Zynx’s HL7 FHIR standard API to receive evidence-based content

LOS ANGELES, June 6, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Zynx Health™, a market leader in providing evidence- and experience-based clinical improvement solutions, announced today that iCare, the enterprise cloud EHR company, has selected Zynx to provide evidence-based content to help standardize care and reduce clinical and financial variation. iCare is the first vendor to offer Zynx’s award-winning content to providers in both acute and post-acute care markets.

The iCare Enterprise Cloud EHR offers modern architecture and fully integrated Big Data capability. The addition of Zynx order sets and plans of care will benefit iCare providers and health systems across a person’s health journey, including those serving short term acute care hospitals, long term acute care hospitals and skilled nursing facilities.

“Our partnership with iCare will help providers enhance the delivery of patient care through better care coordination and better awareness and adherence to evidence-based standards,” said Kevin Daly, president of Zynx Health. “This relationship is also significant for Zynx because iCare is the first vendor to make our offerings available to providers in the post-acute care market. Furthermore, iCare will be our first partner to consume data via our new FHIR-standard API, which supports real-time maintenance and updates.”

iCare users will have access to Zynx’s evidence-based content from within the iCare workflow. Zynx will deliver the content through an API that conforms to the HL7 FHIR standard and enables customizable, real-time and on-demand receipt of the latest clinical decision support information at the point-of-care.

“We are looking forward to working with Zynx to provide our customers with the most up-to-date, evidenced-based content to drive better health outcomes,” said Jim Riley, chief executive officer of iCare. “We are impressed by Zynx’s extensive experience integrating with multiple vendor solutions, including Healthwise and Zynx Health’s other partners. We’re confident that the addition of Zynx content into the iCare workflow will provide our customers with seamless access to one of the industry’s most comprehensive content solutions.”

About iCare

iCare is the Enterprise Cloud EHR company. The iCare Enterprise Cloud EHR is disrupting the Health IT industry with its modern architecture and fully integrated Big Data capability. Legacy on-premise EHR systems are built on outdated client-server systems that are costly, closed, inflexible and slow to innovate. With iCare, everything changes. Our hospitals focus on patient care, not software. To learn more, visit: www.icare.com.

About Zynx Health

Zynx Health, part of the Hearst Health network, provides healthcare professionals with vital information and processes that guide care decisions and reduce complexity across the entire patient journey in a way that leads to healthier lives for all. Zynx is a pioneer and market leader in evidence- and experience-based clinical solutions that help health systems improve patient outcomes, financial outcomes, clinical engagement and technology performance. With Zynx Health, healthcare organizations exceed industry demands for delivering high-quality care at lower costs under value-based reimbursement models. To learn more, visit zynxhealth.com or call 855.367.ZYNX.

About Hearst Health

The Hearst Health network includes FDB (First Databank), Zynx Health, MCG, Homecare Homebase, MedHOK, Hearst Health International, Hearst Health Ventures and the Hearst Health Innovation Lab (www.hearsthealth.com). The mission of the Hearst Health network is to help guide the most important care moments by delivering vital information into the hands of everyone who touches a person’s health journey. Each year in the U.S., care guidance from the Hearst Health network reaches 84 percent of discharged patients, 177 million insured individuals, 60 million home health visits, and 3.1 billion dispensed prescriptions.

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Michelle Ronan
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Zynx Health Contact:
Jeffrey Frater
Senior VP, Clinical Solutions & Strategy

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