In September, 2014 Health 2.0 showcased the iCare Enterprise Cloud Electronic Health Record.    Jim Riley, CEO and Co-Founder at iCare delivered a demonstration on the EHR’s predictive analytics capabilities.  Click below to view the video.

Conference breakout description:

The “Predictive Analytics for Hospitals” breakout session on Wednesday, September 24th from 10:45am-11:45am will showcase iCare’s Enterprise Cloud Electronic Health Record and its powerful predictive analytics, the first application of its kind for hospitals.  The multi-tenant architecture of iCare’s big data database allows for real time analytics and predictive modeling across the entire population, a capability that has not been available from legacy EHR vendors.

Hospitals, like a machine, need to be well oiled to run properly. While our comparison may be a bit… crude… we’ve seen the functionality of hospital administrative tools grow in new and expansive ways each quarter. This breakout addresses the work done behind the scenes to ensure hospitals and providers are able to remain focused on care.