America’s smartest Practices & Physician Groups are switching to iCare

iCare provides a cloud-based Practice Management System that costs less to operate, shortens A/R days, increases revenue, ensures patient safety and makes users happy without hardware or software.

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Integrated Modules
Customer Maintenance Costs
Customer Satisfaction Goal

Better outcomes.

Advanced clinical decision support and machine learning powered by built-in Big Data empowers iCare users to personalize medicine and treatments based on individual patient characteristics.

Built by practitioners, for practitioners.

We listened to our users and integrate their feature requests on a regular basis – Free.

Clinical & Financial Insights

iCare goes beyond business intelligence with built-in Big Data giving users the power to analyze large amounts of structured and unstructured data.

Simplify Scheduling

Fully integrated scheduling allows for the allocation of multiple providers, rooms, equipment and other resources with the click of a button.  Drag and drop feature makes changes easy.

Configurable Appearance & Workflows

Users have the ability to fully configure their own experience – making the technology work for them – not against them.

One-Click Charting

Clinicians need to be able to spend more time with patients and less time in from of the computer screen.  iCare facilities this by needing far less clicks to complete tasks.

Configurable Assessments & Care Plans

No longer are programmers needed to create new or make changes to Care Plans and Assessments.  Template-based tools make configurations changes a breeze.

Integrated Coding & Billing

Coding can be complex but iCare integrates this process into the workflow automatically behind the scenes so coding is streamlined and billing is more efficient.