Data security breaches cost hospitals nearly $6 Billion annually, so what’s being done to mitigate this risk in HIT? The short answer is nothing, until now. Increasing HIT security budgets, staffs and data center capacity are not the answer.

On the heals of yet another data security breach, where the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services (DHSS) finds itself stroking a $1.7 million check to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to settle possible violations of the HIPAA Security Rule, iCare is leading with an “Iron Cloud”.

Fort Lauderdale, FL – June 10, 2012 – iCare, the Enterprise Cloud EHR provider, today revealed the structure for its advanced security framework in an effort to dispel the myths associated with cloud security and tout customer benefits through cost savings and risk mitigation. “In the wake of Alaska’s possible $1.7 million HIPAA violation, the second largest settlement in US history, we believe it is important to remind healthcare providers how far along cloud security has come,” said Ted Schneider, CTO at iCare. “The security budget of our data center trumps that of any healthcare facility in the world, and that’s just a start. Today’s HIT professionals are too busy maintaining, configuring and troubleshooting installed legacy EHRs to innovate.”

According to one industry study, the impact of a data breach over a two-year period is approximately $2 million per organization and the average organization had 2.4 data breach incidents during that same time period. In short, healthcare organizations are not protecting patient data in meaningful ways. Perhaps what’s more startling is that 58% of healthcare organizations admit to having little or no confidence in their ability to appropriately secure patient records. Security is a daunting task and this is compounded by historically understaffed HIT departments.

What’s the alternative? According to the CDW 2011 Cloud Computing Tracking Poll, 37% of health care facilities have already developed strategic plans for adoption of cloud computing. While this is a good start, this is not related directly to patient data, rather a general appetite for moving to cloud vendors, like iCare. This is due in large part to the dearth of enterprise-cloud EHR providers. Until now, with iCare, the ability to bring a hospital EHR into a fully Software as a Service (SaaS) environment was not possible.

Put simply iCare boasts the industry”s most advanced security infrastructure which mitigates our customers’ risk. The Enterprise Cloud EHR from iCare is an enterprise-class, Internet-optimized Electronic Health Record platform that’s changing the rules of mission-critical infrastructure. This powerful cloud platform provides fully integrated EHR technology at a fraction of the price of installed traditional software. Current enterprise-class EHR systems are built on outdated architectures, which require a large allocation of resources, for implementation, customization development and daily operations. With iCare, you will focus on patient care, not software.

Some iCare Enterprise Cloud EHR security feature include:

  • Fully secure SSL browser access
  • Encrypted transmitted and rested data
  • Managed access to cloud applications by staff
  • Password changes every 90 days
  • Intrusion detection
  • Daily hardware/software patch release monitoring and updates
  • 24-hour room monitoring for data center and locked data center
  • Certification of security measures
  • Annual structured information security training for all IT employees

The iCare Data Center is a Tier 4 Facility that includes:

  • Multiple independent distribution paths serving the IT equipment.
  • Redundant site infrastructure capacity components.
  • Cooling equipment is independently dual-powered, including chillers and heating, ventilating and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems.
  • Dual-powered IT equipment that is fully compatible with the topology of a site”s architecture
  • Fault-tolerant and congruent site infrastructure with electrical power storage and distribution facilities with expected availability of 99.995%


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