Leader in Enterprise Cloud EHR Joins Open Source Community

Arlington, Virginia – August 9, 2013 – OSEHRA, the Open Source Electronic Health Record Agent, a nonprofit dedicated to advancing open source health information technology, and iCare, a leading provider of cloud-based enterprise applications for Health Systems, announced today that the company has joined the OSEHRA community as a Corporate Member.

iCare is developing a modern Web-interface to VistA that costs less to operate, is accessible from any device or web browser, is read and write capable, and can help provide interoperability throughout the US Department of Defense and Department of Veterans Affairs without modifying existing data structures. For its private sector customers, iCare provides a holistic on-demand Electronic Health Record designed to address the challenges faced by today’s hospitals.

The use of cloud based technology is fundamental to the vision of OSEHRA’s desire to make open source health IT it more widely available to the global community, said Dr. Seong Ki Mun, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer and President, OSEHRA. “We are very excited to be working with iCare to advance the deployment of health IT solutions in the cloud,” said Dr. Mun.

“Using modern technology, iCare is using VistA as a foundation to create the world’s most advanced EHR,” said Jim Riley, Co-Founder and CEO of iCare. “The OSEHRA leadership and the community at large plays a pivotal role in our product’s strategic development and we are proud to be a corporate member.

iCare’s first objective was to create a modern Graphical User Interface (GUI) or Presentation Layer, developed as a VistA CPRS replacement that utilizes existing business logic to elegantly run within any Web Browser or on any mobile device. iCare allows care providers or administrators to access patient data quickly and easily without sacrificing read and write capabilities. iCare pages load quickly and user credentials are authenticated based on current roles and permissions. User populations can even choose to continue using existing interfaces until they are comfortable with new technology as iCare can be run side by side with CPRS.About OSEHRA

OSEHRA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to accelerating innovation in electronic health record software and related technology. Founded in 2011, the organization supports an open, collaborative community of users, developers, and researchers engaged in advancing electronic health record software and related health information technology. OSEHRA hosts software repositories for numerous open source software applications including the Department of Veterans Affairs’ VistA electronic health record.

About iCare.com LLC

iCare was started with a very simple premise: Hospitals should focus on patient care, not software. Using the latest technologies available, iCare is able to provide hospitals with advantages that were never possible with heavy and rigid on-premise systems. Visit our website at www.icare.com

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President and CEO
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