The future of medicine requires all healthcare organizations have the ability to consume and process large amounts of structured and unstructured data to personalize medicine and treatments based on individual patient characteristics.

Solutions from legacy EHR vendors require a significant capital investment and call for the implementation and integration of multiple IT systems that result in frustrating latency problems and limit real-time capabilities.   This has been a significant challenge for healthcare providers, who work with some of the most complex and disconnected data sets of any industry.

The iCare Enterprise Cloud EHR is revolutionizing the Health IT industry with its modern architecture and fully integrated Big Data capabilities. iCare is the only EHR that links both native and disparate sources of structured and unstructured data, including genetic and biomedics feeds, and quickly presents the information visually.

iCare bridges the gap between how data is used and how healthcare is delivered with a single cloud-based solution that meets today’s Meaningful Use requirements and answers tomorrow’s complex data centric questions that will increase the value of healthcare.


With iCare Big Data you can support clinical and non-clinical decision-making as well as strategic planning. Contact iCare today to learn more about the future of healthcare, today!