Legacy EHR systems do not meet the needs of today’s complex, fast-paced, safety focused Hospitals and Health Systems. Healthcare organizations today are required to navigate ever-evolving regulatory changes with a constant focus on patient care and business sustainability. Hospitals are demanding flexibility – and legacy systems were not architected for today’s challenges.

The Enterprise Cloud Electronic Health Record (EHR) from iCare is a fresh alternative to legacy software. iCare is a flexible Electronic Health Record platform that’s changing the rules of mission-critical infrastructure for hospitals. This powerful cloud platform provides fully integrated EHR technology at a fraction of the price of installed traditional software.

iCare electronic health record
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Fresh Alternative

iCare was started with a very simple premise: Hospitals should focus on patient care, not software. Using the latest technologies available, iCare is able to provide hospitals with advantages that were never possible with heavy and rigid installed systems.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

With cloud applications, there is no hardware, software, middleware, database, or business intelligence tool to buy, install, or maintain. The iCare Enterprise Cloud EHR can be accessed anytime and anywhere via the Internet, shifting the cost and burden of managing the underlying IT infrastructure and operations from you, the customer, to iCar