All the functionality at fraction of the price of installed software.

All viable EHR solutions on the market are Meaningful Use Certified so what else does your vendor bring to the table? iCare offers the same certified functionality as our competition but our solution costs less to implement, operate, maintain and secure.  And users love it!

  • Lowest overall total cost of ownership
  • Simple pricing model
  • No maintenance fees
  • Free updates and upgrades

What we’re hearing.

We need to get out of the Data Center business.
Hospital CEO
iCare is a night and day difference from our current vendor.
More time with patients, less time with my face buried in a computer screen.

Cost and Limitations

The iCare product has been certified as a Complete Inpatient EHR that allows an authorized user to securely place orders, electronically prescribe medications, enter, retrieve, view, and incorporate data, as well as generate reports and transmit information to approved 3rd party entities, registries, and providers. This is a web-based product that is offered in pricing packages that include access to the application, product maintenance, and product upgrades. License contracts are generated on a monthly or 1-year or more term based on the client’s requirements and the service options selected. The amount charged is based on the number of users that access the application and can be modified on a monthly basis. Some initial, one-time, and ongoing costs may be required for subscription, implementation, training, and interfaces.

Depending upon the needs and requirements of the client, certain integrations or services will require the use of third party vendors. Services that may be provided by third parties may incur fees, which can be billed by or directly by those vendors. Contract agreements and costs between the iCare client and the third party vendors are set between those parties depending upon the products and services selected.